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Recently Added Items

Photos of Ronald Greaves and family at the Horticultural Show c.1964


Old Dalby Horticultural Show. The event was held in the original village hall, on Longcliff Hill, where the school hall now stands. 1) Mrs Bird and…

Photo of Jim Hart on Main Street with Hunt 1960s


Jim Hart supports the Hunt as they gather on Main Street in 1960's.

Photo of Greaves family in the Crown 1959/60


L-R Doreen Greaves, Dorothy Greaves & Ivy Nicholson in private quarters of the Crown Inn (located to the right of the bar). 1959/60.

Photo of Noel Greaves c.1930


Noel Greaves c.1930 in the field opposite Longcliffe Hill Farm.

Partial auction document for the Old Dalby Estate, c.1874-1880


Partial catalogue of auction for all property owned by the Old Dalby estate, comprising of all buildings, gardens, orchards, land (Arable & Pasture)…