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Timeline item 01: c863 - A Viking settlement is built near the lake; it becomes part of the Danelaw


Timeline item 05: 1543 - Andrew Noel buys the estate from the King after dissolution and builds his hall on former Knights Hospitaller land. He and his wife are buried in the parish church.

Timeline item 31: 2019 - The National Lottery Heritage Fund awards a grant to preserve the village hall and record the history of Old Dalby and Queensway


Timeline item 26: 1984 - On 17 July, the stability of a nuclear flask is demonstrated in a simulated train crash at the Old Dalby test track. Also in 1984, the parish council purchases the old school and establishes the village hall committee to…

Timeline item 22: 1961 - On 18 June, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh sleep over on the train at Old Dalby station. This becomes a regular occurrence for members of the Royal Household into the 1980s

Timeline item 21: c1957 - Major Blount, C J Phillips's nephew and heir, vacates the hall. The estate is divided into lots and sold, thus ending 780 years of the Manor of Old Dalby

Timeline item 20: 1952 - Construction begins on the Queensway houses; they are named to mark the Queen’s coronation on 2 June 1953

Timeline item 17: 1931 - Eva Howe (1914-1991) is a pupil-teacher at the old school. She lives in Old Dalby all her life, attending the school as a child and teaching here until retirement

Timeline item 16: 1914-1918 - Eleven village men are killed while serving in the First World War. A commemorative plaque is placed in the church; the parish presents all local soldiers with cups

Timeline item 14: 1895 - Charles James Phillips, well-known brewer, buys the estate. As the primary local employer, he donates the unusual four-faced clock to the church to ensure his workers arrive on time
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