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ODCC Team Photo from c.1940s

Kelly's Directory. Leicestershire 1941
Old Dalby - overview of village life, to include private residents, occupation and commercial activity

Timeline item 19: 1939-1945 - The Ordnance Depot opens in 1940 to support the Second World War effort. By 1942, over 2,000 military personnel and 1,700 civilians are based here. In 1943, a POW camp is established for Italian and German prisoners,…

Black and white photos depicting
Joyce Laxton (1944-46)
Lorna Whittaker
Thelma Stubbs and Eileen Stafford
Mary Jalland
Thelma Stubbs (1950s)
Thelma Stubbs and sister outside Egerton Lodge (1946)

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Page from photo album of old postcards showing views of Old Dalby
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