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"Catalogue of auction for ""Longcliffe Farm"" Old Dalby. Sale of 87 acres, 1 Rood, 9 Poles, by direction of Major H. Blount, M.C.
Auction Assembly Rooms, Norman Street, Melton Mowbray, Tuesday 7th February 1956, 3pm."

Hand drawn map of the Army Depot by Chris Chellis, c.1950

A written account of his memories of 1950s Queensway and the Army Depot by Chris Chellis

A ration book for motor fuel from 1957


Timeline item 21: c1957 - Major Blount, C J Phillips's nephew and heir, vacates the hall. The estate is divided into lots and sold, thus ending 780 years of the Manor of Old Dalby

Photo of members of the Coronation Club from 1950s including man on unicycle

Photo of cricketers from the Vale of Belvoir cricket match taken in the 1950s

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Black and white photos depicting
Joyce Laxton (1944-46)
Lorna Whittaker
Thelma Stubbs and Eileen Stafford
Mary Jalland
Thelma Stubbs (1950s)
Thelma Stubbs and sister outside Egerton Lodge (1946)

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An interview with Chris Chellis in three parts by Russ Hamer mainly covering Queensway and Army Depot in the 1950s, with index, plus a short diary note to follow interviews

Photos of Chris Chellis holding a model of the 'Noah's Ark' cinema on the Army Depot (1950s)
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