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Photo taken outside Home Farm of Val Anderson, Bob Hyslop, Eileen Hyslop

Photo of villagers outside Home Farm, 1984 (L-R) Mary Anderson, Mary Benbow, Pat Greaves, Ann Clark, Eileen Hyslop, Ann McKenna, Pat Schorb, Val Anderson

March 1977. Local residents get together to plant a tree on The Green, to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

Photograph of Dorothy Ann Pick and Ronald Greaves on their wedding day, April 5th 1926. They are pictured with the best man, Mr L.M Goodbourn and six bridesmaids, at Longcliffe Farm, following the ceremony at Old Dalby Church.

Photograph of 'Three Old Maids of Lee' from Old Dalby Fancy Dress Ball, 1925. (L-R) Mrs James Pick (local farmers); Mrs R. Howard (local builders); Mrs A.W.B Greaves (farming family Nether Broughton Grange, Old Dalby)

Noel Greaves c.1930 in the field opposite Longcliffe Hill Farm.

Jim Hart supports the Hunt as they gather on Main Street in 1960's.

Photo of Home Farm from 1996

L-R Doreen Greaves, Dorothy Greaves & Ivy Nicholson in private quarters of the Crown Inn (located to the right of the bar). 1959/60.

1884 Ordnance Survey map of Old Dalby Hall, Church and village
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