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Mr & Mrs Greaves (Ronald & Dorothy) at an event in the village hall, c1972.

Junior exhibitors at the local Horticultural Show in 1966. Hazel and Ian Greaves (2nd/3rd left, front row)

Old Dalby Horticultural Show. The event was held in the original village hall, on Longcliff Hill, where the school hall now stands. 1) Mrs Bird and exhibitor Ronald Greaves, with his grand daughter Hazel; 2) Ronald Greaves with his grandson, Ian; 3)…

Jim Hart supports the Hunt as they gather on Main Street in 1960's.

L-R Doreen Greaves, Dorothy Greaves & Ivy Nicholson in private quarters of the Crown Inn (located to the right of the bar). 1959/60.

Noel Greaves c.1930 in the field opposite Longcliffe Hill Farm.

At Old Dalby Hall, Nov 23 1906. The Capt. Burns Hartopp Presentation Series. Capt. Burns Hartopp and Bishop the Huntsman.

"Article - Leicester Advertiser Friday January 06, 1961 on ""Our Towns and Villages"" No.204, Old Dalby (Second Article): ""Three Free Schools - Strangers 2d a week"". Images:
Mr & Mrs Ian Young, Home Farm.
Mr Sep Raine.
Old Dalby Vicarage.

"""Article - Leicester Advertiser Friday December 30, 1960 on """"Our Towns and Villages"""" No.204, Old Dalby: """"A Beautifully Placed And Friendly Village"""". Images:
Rev. C.J.R Daybell (Vicar of Dalby & Nether Broughton) & Rev. C.N Daybell…

Timeline item 05: 1543 - Andrew Noel buys the estate from the King after dissolution and builds his hall on former Knights Hospitaller land. He and his wife are buried in the parish church.
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