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Colour photo of one of the Old Dalby music hall acts:
Sue Ayres (being held up by the men), Paul Schorb, Kevin Olivier and Ian Tewson

Photos of the acts in one of the Old Dalby music hall performances. Women: Sarah Hendey, Sue Ayres, Gina Reed. Men: Tony Fisher, David Ayres, John Herrick

Article about the Old Dalby Music Hall performance, undated, with photo of the men in the act 'Full Monty'

Text and photo of villagers participating in a Music Hall event in 1999: Sarah Hendey, Stuart Endall, Andrew Bunney, Kevin Olivier, Paul Schorb, Ian Tewson, John Barnacle

Programme for the Old Dalby Music Hall performance "VE/VJ Day celebration" contains list of songs performed and some of the performers
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