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Timeline item 24: 1969 - Following the opening of the new primary school in 1967, three residents - Ken Harris, Pete Towsey and Sean Anderson - purchase the old school for community purposes. It is used as a play group centre for many years

Timeline item 17: 1931 - Eva Howe (1914-1991) is a pupil-teacher at the old school. She lives in Old Dalby all her life, attending the school as a child and teaching here until retirement

Six Hills Church of England School admission register 1891 - 1894

Old Dalby Register of School records 1891 - 1905 (partial page)

Sampler dated 24th January 1843 from Old Dalby School created by Mary Catherine Greaves aged 12 and donated to the Village by the Anderson family in memory of their parents Dean and Val
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