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Will of Noell Calverly of "Dallby Superlewailds", husbandman 1646

War Agriculture Executive Committee.
Cultivation of Land Order, No. 2362.
February 7, 1918.

Voucher for train ticket to Old Dalby, dated 16th April 1960. Vouchers were distributed (either free or subsidised) directly to Civilian Employees of MoD, who used them in lieu of cash for return journeys to Old Dalby - probably issued in booklets of…

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Timeline item 32: 2020 - In a display of the strong community spirit during the COVID-19 lockdown, villagers join Val Anderson's funeral procession on 3 June

Timeline item 31: 2019 - The National Lottery Heritage Fund awards a grant to preserve the village hall and record the history of Old Dalby and Queensway


Timeline item 30: 2005 - The church restoration is completed after locals raise a staggering £330,000! A calendar is one of the many fundraising ventures

Timeline item 29: 1999 - The millennium is celebrated with a new village sign, a group village photo and a torch-lit procession up Dalby Hill to the beacon on 31 December

Timeline item 28: 1998 - With the cold war over, the Ordnance Depot closes. A business park opens on the site; Belvoir Brewery, now The Alehouse, relocates here in 2007

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Timeline item 27: 1986 - The village fete evolves into Old Dalby Day, which in subsequent decades raises over £200,000 for local causes

Timeline item 26: 1984 - On 17 July, the stability of a nuclear flask is demonstrated in a simulated train crash at the Old Dalby test track. Also in 1984, the parish council purchases the old school and establishes the village hall committee to…
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