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Timeline item 25: 1971 - Lord Crawshaw, Chief Scout, opens the Scout Hut following a huge fundraising campaign by local residents

Timeline item 24: 1969 - Following the opening of the new primary school in 1967, three residents - Ken Harris, Pete Towsey and Sean Anderson - purchase the old school for community purposes. It is used as a play group centre for many years

Timeline item 23: 1968 - Old Dalby station closes to passengers. Croft Gardens and Hawthorn Close are built, bringing new young families into the village

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Timeline item 22: 1961 - On 18 June, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh sleep over on the train at Old Dalby station. This becomes a regular occurrence for members of the Royal Household into the 1980s

Timeline item 21: c1957 - Major Blount, C J Phillips's nephew and heir, vacates the hall. The estate is divided into lots and sold, thus ending 780 years of the Manor of Old Dalby

Timeline item 20: 1952 - Construction begins on the Queensway houses; they are named to mark the Queen’s coronation on 2 June 1953

Timeline item 19: 1939-1945 - The Ordnance Depot opens in 1940 to support the Second World War effort. By 1942, over 2,000 military personnel and 1,700 civilians are based here. In 1943, a POW camp is established for Italian and German prisoners,…

Timeline item 18: c1935 - Thomas Henry Fisher, the illustrator of Richmal Crompton's Just William stories, settles in the village


Timeline item 17: 1931 - Eva Howe (1914-1991) is a pupil-teacher at the old school. She lives in Old Dalby all her life, attending the school as a child and teaching here until retirement

Timeline item 16: 1914-1918 - Eleven village men are killed while serving in the First World War. A commemorative plaque is placed in the church; the parish presents all local soldiers with cups
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