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Timeline item 01: c863 - A Viking settlement is built near the lake; it becomes part of the Danelaw


Timeline item 02: 1085 - The village appears in the Domesday Book

Timeline item 03: 1160 - The Knights Hospitaller build a preceptory; the Manor of Old Dalby, or estate, remains in their ownership for 380 years

Timeline item 04: 1220 - A stone church is built for villagers' use

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Timeline item 05: 1543 - Andrew Noel buys the estate from the King after dissolution and builds his hall on former Knights Hospitaller land. He and his wife are buried in the parish church.

Timeline item 06: 1590 - Cottages are built on a new village site. Those that become the Crown Inn are today the oldest structures in Old Dalby

Timeline item 07: 1628 - The first Duke of Buckingham buys the estate. Oliver Cromwell seizes it but it is returned to the second Duke on the restoration of Charles II


Timeline item 08: 1763 - Frances Bowater inherits the estate from her father, Lord Faversham. She establishes a charity to supply stockings to poorer village women.

Timeline item 09b: 1794 -Frances Bowater introduces Beethoven’s music to England when she hosts a performance of the String Trio in E flat. Her lavishly-renovated Old Dalby Hall is a centre for chamber music until the 1820s

Timeline item 10: 1805 - The first Methodist chapel is built near the Crown Inn with donations from the Orsons, a local farming family

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