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Sampler dated 24th January 1843 from Old Dalby School created by Mary Catherine Greaves aged 12 and donated to the Village by the Anderson family in memory of their parents Dean and Val

White's Directory. Leicestershire 1877
Old Dalby: overview of village life to include residents, occupation and commercial activity

30th March 1851 Census for Old Dalby Hall (National Archives)

Excerpt from Old Dalby Church Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1725 -1912, pages for 1725/6

Excerpt from Old Dalby Register of Marriages 1783-1812 for 1809 to 1811

Six Hills Church of England School admission register 1891 - 1894

Plan of proposed Midland Railway; Nottingham and Saxby Deviation, 1872. Description of Property & Ownership of Land.

Timeline item 14: 1895 - Charles James Phillips, well-known brewer, buys the estate. As the primary local employer, he donates the unusual four-faced clock to the church to ensure his workers arrive on time

Timeline item 10: 1805 - The first Methodist chapel is built near the Crown Inn with donations from the Orsons, a local farming family

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Timeline item 12: 1873 - The post windmill on Debdale Hill, first mentioned in 1338, blows down in a gale and is never rebuilt. Joseph Asher is the last of the millers


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