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Photo of entrance to the former Old Dalby Army Depot


Dr. Clark and Sister Skinner in the Welfare Centre of the former Army Depot


Black and white photos of police and sergeants' messes at Depot in 1960s. Maureen's father, Insp. Samuel Kelly, is on the left in the top left photo

Timeline item 28: 1998 - With the cold war over, the Ordnance Depot closes. A business park opens on the site; Belvoir Brewery, now The Alehouse, relocates here in 2007

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Timeline item 19: 1939-1945 - The Ordnance Depot opens in 1940 to support the Second World War effort. By 1942, over 2,000 military personnel and 1,700 civilians are based here. In 1943, a POW camp is established for Italian and German prisoners,…

July 1984, Power News, the staff newspaper of the Central Electricity Generating Board. An article on CEGB's nuclear Flask development programme and the issue of Flask safety. The test rail crash, in the village of Old Dalby, was part of a £1.6m…
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