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Newspaper clipping with photo of Val Anderson riding her horse Freddie from 1991

2nd May, 1551
Marriage settlement between;
1) Andrew Noell of Whytwell (Rutland) Esq
2a) Dame Anne Tyrrell, widow
2b) Guy Crayfford esq and others

Timeline item 04: 1220 - A stone church is built for villagers' use

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Timeline item 10: 1805 - The first Methodist chapel is built near the Crown Inn with donations from the Orsons, a local farming family

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Timeline item 14: 1895 - Charles James Phillips, well-known brewer, buys the estate. As the primary local employer, he donates the unusual four-faced clock to the church to ensure his workers arrive on time

Timeline item 17: 1931 - Eva Howe (1914-1991) is a pupil-teacher at the old school. She lives in Old Dalby all her life, attending the school as a child and teaching here until retirement

"Catalogue of auction for ""Longcliffe Farm"" Old Dalby. Sale of 87 acres, 1 Rood, 9 Poles, by direction of Major H. Blount, M.C.
Auction Assembly Rooms, Norman Street, Melton Mowbray, Tuesday 7th February 1956, 3pm."

Timeline item 22: 1961 - On 18 June, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh sleep over on the train at Old Dalby station. This becomes a regular occurrence for members of the Royal Household into the 1980s

Voucher for train ticket to Old Dalby, dated 16th April 1960. Vouchers were distributed (either free or subsidised) directly to Civilian Employees of MoD, who used them in lieu of cash for return journeys to Old Dalby - probably issued in booklets of…

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At Old Dalby Hall, Nov 23 1906. The Capt. Burns Hartopp Presentation Series. Capt. Burns Hartopp and Bishop the Huntsman.
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