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Village Timeline item 29: 1999
Timeline item 29: 1999 - The millennium is celebrated with a new village sign, a group village photo and a torch-lit procession up Dalby Hill to the beacon on 31 December

Village Timeline item 13: 1880
Timeline item 13: 1880 - Old Dalby station opens on the new Nottingham-London railway line

Village Timeline item 11: 1827
Timeline item 11: 1827 - The Rev. William Sawyer moves into the hall with his sister Louisa. He rebuilds the stone church after a fire and continues to improve the village, building the reading room, school and '5 row' cottages.

Village Timeline item 25: 1971
Timeline item 25: 1971 - Lord Crawshaw, Chief Scout, opens the Scout Hut following a huge fundraising campaign by local residents

Village Timeline Item 27: 1986
Timeline item 27: 1986 - The village fete evolves into Old Dalby Day, which in subsequent decades raises over £200,000 for local causes

Village Timeline item 18: c.1935
Timeline item 18: c1935 - Thomas Henry Fisher, the illustrator of Richmal Crompton's Just William stories, settles in the village

Village Timeline item 30: 2005
Timeline item 30: 2005 - The church restoration is completed after locals raise a staggering £330,000! A calendar is one of the many fundraising ventures

Village Timeline item 06: 1590
Timeline item 06: 1590 - Cottages are built on a new village site. Those that become the Crown Inn are today the oldest structures in Old Dalby

Village Timeline item 08: 1763
Timeline item 08: 1763 - Frances Bowater inherits the estate from her father, Lord Faversham. She establishes a charity to supply stockings to poorer village women.

Village Timeline item 23: 1968
Timeline item 23: 1968 - Old Dalby station closes to passengers. Croft Gardens and Hawthorn Close are built, bringing new young families into the village
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