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Timeline item 10: 1805 - The first Methodist chapel is built near the Crown Inn with donations from the Orsons, a local farming family

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Timeline item 12: 1873 - The post windmill on Debdale Hill, first mentioned in 1338, blows down in a gale and is never rebuilt. Joseph Asher is the last of the millers


Timeline item 07: 1628 - The first Duke of Buckingham buys the estate. Oliver Cromwell seizes it but it is returned to the second Duke on the restoration of Charles II


Timeline item 04: 1220 - A stone church is built for villagers' use

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Timeline item 03: 1160 - The Knights Hospitaller build a preceptory; the Manor of Old Dalby, or estate, remains in their ownership for 380 years

Timeline item 02: 1085 - The village appears in the Domesday Book

Timeline item 09b: 1794 -Frances Bowater introduces Beethoven’s music to England when she hosts a performance of the String Trio in E flat. Her lavishly-renovated Old Dalby Hall is a centre for chamber music until the 1820s

Timeline item 15: 1902 - The new Methodist chapel is built on Chapel Lane. In the same year, the turkey oak is planted to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII

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Timeline item 19: 1939-1945 - The Ordnance Depot opens in 1940 to support the Second World War effort. By 1942, over 2,000 military personnel and 1,700 civilians are based here. In 1943, a POW camp is established for Italian and German prisoners,…

Timeline item 32: 2020 - In a display of the strong community spirit during the COVID-19 lockdown, villagers join Val Anderson's funeral procession on 3 June
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