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Junior exhibitors at the local Horticultural Show in 1966. Hazel and Ian Greaves (2nd/3rd left, front row)

A printed leaflet for a church flower festival entitled "A Panorama of Praise"


Lucy Loseby (aunt to Hazel Kirk, nee Greaves) outside the family home, White Cottage, Chapel Lane, in the 1970s.

2nd May, 1551
Marriage settlement between;
1) Andrew Noell of Whytwell (Rutland) Esq
2a) Dame Anne Tyrrell, widow
2b) Guy Crayfford esq and others

Mr & Mrs Greaves (Ronald & Dorothy) at an event in the village hall, c1972.

Colour photo of one of the Old Dalby music hall acts:
Sue Ayres (being held up by the men), Paul Schorb, Kevin Olivier and Ian Tewson

Photos of the acts in one of the Old Dalby music hall performances. Women: Sarah Hendey, Sue Ayres, Gina Reed. Men: Tony Fisher, David Ayres, John Herrick

Sampler dated 24th January 1843 from Old Dalby School created by Mary Catherine Greaves aged 12 and donated to the Village by the Anderson family in memory of their parents Dean and Val

Article on Bella, the 6-year old labrador, who was owned by local Nolly Greaves. Bella liked nothing more than to head into the undergrowth, to retrieve cricket balls during play.
Picture of Bella, aged 7 months
Picture of Bella, aged 7…

Melton Times article on Kwik Cricket at the Cricket Club, 31st October 1996

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