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At Old Dalby Hall, Nov 23 1906. The Capt. Burns Hartopp Presentation Series. Capt. Burns Hartopp and Bishop the Huntsman.

Old Dalby Horticultural Show. The event was held in the original village hall, on Longcliff Hill, where the school hall now stands. 1) Mrs Bird and exhibitor Ronald Greaves, with his grand daughter Hazel; 2) Ronald Greaves with his grandson, Ian; 3)…

Series of old postcards showing views of Old Dalby Church

Photo album of old postcards showing views of Old Dalby railway station

Page from photo album of old postcards showing views of Old Dalby

Photo album containing old postcards with views of some of the bigger houses in Old Dalby including Old Dalby Hall, Vicarage, and Chapel

March 1970. Second of a two-part feature on The Old Hall, written by Marion Freeman-Attwood. It looks into the history of Old Dalby and The Hall over the centuries.

Vale of Belvoir Test Match, played at "The Oval" Nether Broughton, Thursday June 21st 1951.
All Old veteran cricketers picked from 13 villages, Nottingham and Leicester. Age of both teams total 2,285 years.
Jack Skinner (Capt), Old…

Timeline item 05: 1543 - Andrew Noel buys the estate from the King after dissolution and builds his hall on former Knights Hospitaller land. He and his wife are buried in the parish church.

Timeline item 11: 1827 - The Rev. William Sawyer moves into the hall with his sister Louisa. He rebuilds the stone church after a fire and continues to improve the village, building the reading room, school and '5 row' cottages.
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